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Harold D. Munson, L.O.

Irina Geltser
Darien Manager
Kevin Cabral
Licensed Opticians 
Steve Munson, L.O
John Jablonski, L.O.
Joel Domingue, L.O.
Tonia Mortelitti, O.D. (35 Tokeneke Rd, Darien, CT 06820)
Dr. Mortelliti is a board certified optometrist in both Connecticut and New York. Dr. Mortelliti personally performs each aspect of the eye exam in order to insure complete accuracy. Dr. Mortelliti focuses on her patients' needs by performing tests for glaucoma, cataracts, and provides a detailed ophthalmic examination. She specializes in fitting contact lenses and solving contact lens problems. When special needs arise, Dr. Mortelliti will recommend an appropriate specialist.

Faye D. Algranati, Ph.D., O.D. (75 High Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT 06905)
Dr. Algranati has graduated from New England Optometry in 1988. She focuses on her patients' needs by performing tests for glaucoma, cataracts, and provides a detailed ophthalmic examination. Dr. Faye Algranati specializes in contact lenses in addition to eye examinations, vision training, and LASIK consultations. She is also certified to prescribe the new LATISSE eyelash enhancing solution. Call for details.
Connie Hayes
Terry Quinn

What our customers have to say.
Customer Care.
“I’ve been to many other stores and never have received this level of service and respect, the understanding of my needs has been wonderful!”
Jim Huerta, Stamford CT

“Hal makes shopping here fun!”
Debra Lamberti, Stamford CT

“Harold and Tania, I want to thank you for your kind services and great lenses. The Kodak lenses are superior to the Vanlux and provide a broad range of clarity not seen by me before. Liz is equally happy.”
James Wong MD, Norwalk CT

Mr. Munson,
I am most grateful to you for all the good help you have given me since I moved to this area five years ago. 
You solved what seemed to be “unsolvable” a few summers ago when my lens kept “popping out” of sunglasses. 
Most recently your deep sense of helping people with their eyesight was evident when my new glasses and lens resulted in seeing fuzzy printing when I was reading.
I realized it was a very busy time for despite you graciously told me to come into your store; the day after the replacement lens arrived, you again most graciously had me come in despite your shortened hours that day. 
Your professional knowledge and skills and your gift in genuinely caring about your patients is admired and appreciated by me!
I am enjoying my work and reading again since December 14th, 4:15pm.
With gratitude,
Bruce Pederson, Darien CT

Quality Service
After receiving an excellent service with a small repair at Hitchcock Munson Opticians, I returned to purchase 6 pairs of eyeglasses. All because of excellent service!
Julie & Nicola Nannari, Stamford CT

“Excellent Service!” I lost a contact lens on Saturday, I called and Faye immediately secured what I needed. I came to the Hitchcock Munson Opticians, store in Stamford and I was on my way within 2 minutes, and I was back to work!” 
Benjamin LeRose, Greenwich CT

“Great selection of fashion eyewear.”
Mrs. Anne Rozinou, Stamford CT

“Outstanding Promotion!” The Refer a Friend Program
Norman Glass, Aventura FL