Friday, April 13, 2012

Susan Clarke

I have recently obtained the best pair of eyeglasses I have ever had from Iris at Hitchcock Munson Opticians in Stamford.  I am thrilled that I can see the difference in clarity compared to eyeglasses that I had previously obtained at other optical places.  I whole heartily recommend Hitchcock Munson Opticians as the best in vision.  I ran into one of my dearest friends whom complimented me on my new Beautiful eyeglasses that Iris customized for me.  She said, "Oh, Iris' rule is that no one leaves Hitchcock Munson Opticians without the Most Attractive Eyeglasses!"  It's such a refreshing pleasure to have an Optician whom really listens, and delivers exactly what I was searching for.  Thank you Iris.

Susan Clarke, Stamford, CT

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